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Bold Smoky Eye For New Years

  Hello Ladies! 

  It's that time of year again. Time to celebrate old memories and welcome new ones. Time to make all those resolutions that will probably be broken in a few weeks. Time to start all over again. 

  New years are exciting and scary at the same time. They mean we get to start over, but we also have to let go of the past and move forward. This year, I'm hoping for big things. I'm not going to make resolutions or promises. I'm simply going to pursue the things I'm wanting to do and enjoy my life. Time is so quick and life is so short, that every moment is precious. 

  I hope all of you have wonderful new years ahead of you for 2015. 

  And, if you're going out, here is a bold, fresh look for your face. After all, this is New Years and everything starts over fresh and new. I wanted to try something I've never done before, so I started with a bold smoky eye and then doubled lined it with black and emerald green liquid liner. I left the rest of my face very natural and fresh looking, with a little contouring and highlighting on my cheeks. Let me know what you think. 

  Happy New Year!

I'm Back From The Dead! ( Not Literally )

  Hello! I'm back! Sorry for the crazy long absence. I did not die, I just got so busy. 

  I'm here today with a holiday look that I think you will love. When I think of Christmas makeup, I think sparkles and red. 

  This look is pretty basic. All you need is red lipstick, black eyeliner, and gold eyeshadow. 

Huge Appology

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to write a quick, apologizing for my month of silence. I have been so busy of late, and this poor little blog has fallen by the wayside. I will be posting new content very soon.

Thank you so much for patiently following me.

Beauty Review Post #15 - Maybelline Baby Lips

  Hello Ladies! 

  Sorry for the week of silence. I think I said this in the last post. Life is getting really hectic, and I haven't actually taken the time to take pictures of a makeup tutorial. Sorry about that. 

  With the weather getting colder ( everywhere but here apparently ), I thought I would do a review on lip balm. 

  A few months back, I was involved in a box swap with some really fun ladies, and in my box was a Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Quenched. I opened it and tried it on. I was instantly in love. Not only did it smell really nice, but it moisturized my lips and didn't break them out. 

  It also has an SPF of 20, so wearing it to the pool and beach was ideal. I didn't have to worry about getting chapped or burned lips. 

  After trying out Quenched, I went to the store and bought the Peppermint one. It smells just like a candy cane and tingles when you put it on. These are two things I'll be keeping in my bag this winter. 

  I haven't tried all of them, but they come in colors and other formulas, too. 


  - Softer lips
  - Nice smell
  - Inexpensive
  - Variety


  - None! 

  Have you ever tried Baby Lips? Which one is your favorite?

Nude Makeup Tutorial

 Hello Ladies!

  Even though it's not summer any more, I really wanted to do a nude makeup tutorial ( yeah, that's really awkward to type ). I've been seeing a lot of tutorials on Pinterest and since nude lips are in for the fall, I think I can pull off a nude face.

Easy DIY No-Heat Beach Waves


Hello Ladies!

  Today, I'm going to share with you my own version of the no-heat beach waves. I've been seeing so many tutorials for this all summer and I finally decided to try it. 

  Don't forget to enter my blog's birthday giveaway here!

Simple 2 Step Smoky Eye Tutorial

 photo 78d80f5f-d352-43e1-a5f3-cf21d79c93fb_zpsdc83c370.jpg


Six Steps To The The Flawless Face + Giveaway ( Closed )

 photo b97078f1-fba0-4b72-8029-eb82a50bfe1b_zps9b5c3b01.jpg

  Hello Ladies!

  Today I'm sharing my six steps to give your face a flawless look. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this, but I personally don't like to wear a ton of makeup, since sometimes you can look like you're wearing a mask.

  So, I have created a six step process to get a beautiful, flawless look, while also looking natural and soft.

Beat The Heat: Hair Tutorial

  Hello Ladies! 

  How is everyone? 

  Last week, I enjoyed a wonderful relaxing vacation at the beach and it was wonderful! However, I didn't neglect the blog and I have so many wonderful tutorials to share with you in the up coming weeks. 

  I live in a really hot location, so long hair can be a bit of a problem. However, I can't wear my hair in a ponytail for very long without getting a really bad headache. So, I'm going to share with you today a style that I really love and that at the same time won't weigh your head down. 

Contouring 101: Soft Contouring

  Hello Ladies!

  How is everyone?

  Recently my Pinterest page has exploded with tutorials on how to contour. I never realized there were so many different way you can configure your face. I read a few of the tutorials and decided to try some contouring of my own.

  So here goes!

Beauty Review Post #14 - Maybelline ExpertWear Eye Shadow Dou

  Hello Ladies! 

  Time's sure fun when you're having flies. Or something like that. Anyway. 

  Next week is VACATION TIME! Wooooohoooo! I can't wait. It's going to be four blissful days of doing nothing but enjoying the beach. But don't fret! I will be posting from my beach getaway. This is my second time going with my family. Last year, we didn't really know what to expect, so we were a little unprepared. This year, however, we will be completely equipped and ready to enjoy a lovely time at the beach. 

  Enough about that. 

  Today's review is on Maybelline's ExpertWear Eye Shadow Dou in Sunkissed Olive. I usually use a very neutral shade on my eyes to avoid the raccoon look, so I haven't tried the olive green part of the dou. However, for a drugstore eye shadow, this one isn't half bad. 


  1. It is nicely pigmented
  2. It lasts
  3. It's not itchy to the eyes
  4. It's very affordably priced


  1. It crumbles when you are applying it
  2. It can leave sparkles under your eyes that make your eyes look shiny

  I don't really expect a lot out of cheaper eye shadows. They aren't as finely ground, so they don't go on as smoothly. But, thats alright with me. What is your favorite eye shadow? Do you buy drugstore or do you splurge?

Beauty Review Post #13 - Almay Smart Shade Concealer

  Hello Ladies! Sorry about not posting in a while. I've been trying different makeups, and some of them were just terrible. So much so, they will not even get the chance to be on the blog. 

  The product I'm reviewing today is one such item ( though it did make it to the blog ). Almay Smart Shade Concealer is probably the worst concealer I've ever tried and I've tried quite a few out there. I wish I had taken a picture of the concealer itself. It came out of the tube separated; what I mean by that is, their was concealer and then there was this brown oil with it to help the concealer to match your face shade. The only problem, it didn't mix together when I put it on my face. So I ended up with brown die on my face along with really gross looking concealer. And it not only didn't cover up my breakouts, it made them more visible. 


  1. Greasy formula
  2. Weirdly made
  3. Very expensive for a drugstore brand
  4. Didn't cover anything
  5. Dried my skin out

  Well, I'm sure you already guessed, I'm not going to buying this again. I was really hoping for it to work. I love Almay products because they're formulated for sensitive skin. I am the queen of sensitivity when it comes to skin, so I was hoping this work out. Oh well. 

Before concealer

After concealer ( the brown die made the breakout much more visible )

Makeup Wish List + Surprise

Summer Set

Hello Ladies!

  How has everyone been? I've been wanting to write a blogpost wish list for sometime now, but I didn't know how to put together product collages. Well, I finally figured it out and could not be more excited. You may be seeing a lot of these in the future. Just sayin.

  Now on to the list.

  1. Finishing Powder

  Finishing powder is a must for me in the summer. My makeup just melts off if I don't set it. I'm thinking of trying Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Finisher.

  2. Red Lip Liner

  I've been needing to buy one of these for a really long time now. Lipstick just won't stay without without something to corral it in. It also helps with making the lips looked defined.

  3. Brow Styling Kit
  I actually just bought a kit by Salon Perfect. I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I'm going to post a review and brow tutorial on the blog in a few weeks.

  4. Tinted Lip Balm

  I'm a huge fan of not wearing a lot of makeup in the summer. If I'm not doing a photo shoot, I generally wear very neutral colors on my face. Tinted lip balm is so practical, for it gives you some color and moistures your lips at the same time.

  5. Cream Eye Shadow

  In the summer, wearing eyeshadow can be a big pain. I mean, as some as you walk outside, the humidity creates the shadow on your lid and all your work on that smoky eye is down the drain. Cream shadows really work mush better in the summer, staying put much longer than power ones.

  What are you wishing for to expand your makeup line?

  Now for the surprise!

  Because all of you are such wonderful readers, I have decided to host a giveaway very soon to thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me. Be looking out for one coming very soon! Not to give away any details, but included in the prizes will be a way to buy some of your favorite products from one place. Keep checking back!

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Beautiful You Is On Facebook!

  Hello Ladies!

  Guess what? 

  Beautiful You has a Facebook page! Yay!

  After thinking it through, I decided to take the next step and make a page. So, head on over and like it up! Thanks for being the best followers in the world. 

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Beauty Review Post #12 - Almay Long Wear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads

  Hello Ladies! Long time, no see. Today has been one of those, wash-the-towels, clean-the-boxes-off-your-floor-that-have-been-sitting-there-for-three-months, organize-your-debit-receipts, kind of days. 

  Ok, it isn't all that bad. I mean, I can now look around me and think, 'Yay! I can see my floor again! The room is no longer closing in on me'. 

  Well, it wasn't actually that terrible. Just almost that terrible. 

  Ok, enough about that. 

  I'm branching off from make-up today to review a product that takes makeup off. Yes, I know. Who likes taking makeup off? After all the trouble of putting it on, I want to leave it on as long as possible. And then, if the removal process is hard, it makes it doubly frustrating. 

  Well, I found a drugstore product that makes taking makeup off not so terrible. 

  It's Almay Long Wear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads. I've tried many liquid removers, but they all either dried my eyes out really badly, or they irritated them really badly, which in both cases makes them a lose-lose all around. Well, these don't do that. They gently remove the makeup without pulling or tugging and they are highly moisturizing. So, after the makeup comes off, I'm not sitting there holding my eyes, waiting for the burning to cease. ( I'm sort of joking about holding my eyes, but some products can be very caustic. ) 


  1. They remove the make up without pulling or tugging
  2. They're moisturizing
  3. They're soft against the skin
  4. They come in a large quantity for a small price


  1. They leave a slight film behind
  2. They're kind of thin, so you sometimes have to use more than one on one eye to get all the makeup off

  These are great when you need something quick and you don't want to spend a lot of money. So, check them out. They also come in Oil Free, Lash Care, and Soothing and De-Puffing

Beauty Review Post #11 - Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone? 

  Summer is flying by. I just finished my last week of day camp. Even though I'm always tired at the end, I will really miss it. It's such a great place to work. 

  Recently, I decided that I wanted to try a lighter make up than the one I have. Now don't get me wrong. I love Bobbi Brown. But, for the summer months I wanted something that isn't quite as covering. Something that, even if I get a tan, my face won't look lighter than my body. 

  And thats when I found it. 

  Sitting on the face cream aisle, tucked away by itself, the miracle drugstore product. 

  Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in their combination to oily skin formula. The best drugstore make up product I've ever used. 

  1. It's oil free
  2. It stays all day
  3. It color corrects
  4. It's light, not thick
  5. It comes in three very versatile shades
  6. It has yellow undertones, not orange ( some cheaper foundations come out orange )
  7. It has sunscreen in it and is perfect for wearing to the beach 
  8. It's very affordable

  I couldn't believe how great it looked when I put it on for the first time. I was expecting my face to have a slightly orange tint to it, but there was nothing like that. It comes in a shade that fits my skin and it's a great oil-free sunscreen. If you have been looking for a good BB cream, look no further. This is the best one out there. It also comes in a regular formula and an anti-again formula. Go check it out if you haven't already! 

  So, what is the best BB cream you've ever used? Tell me about it in the comments. 

With no make up on ( this picture is slightly terrifying! )

With just the BB cream on

BB cream ( in Light/Medium ) and Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer ( in Ivory )

Beauty Review Post #10 - NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder

  Hello Ladies! Another week has come and gone. 

  I just want to start by saying thank you so much to all my followers and everyone who has sent me encouragement. You have made this new blog such a joy to write. I get so excited when I think of doing another post. It makes me want to go out and try every type of make up out there. So thank you, thank you!

  Now on to the review. 

  Today I am reviewing a product that I was so excited to find. I was reading another blog and the writer was talking about a bronzer that she really liked and bought for only $2.50. Well, I was slightly skeptical at first, but it was only $2.50, so what did I have to lose? I bought it and opened it up. You know that smell that brand new cosmetics have when you open them? Yeah, this had it. And it brought back so many memories. I instantly loved it and hadn't even used it yet. I brushed a little on and knew that this was the bronzer I'd be using from now on. Here's the link to it: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder


  1. It's not orange or pink
  2. It smells amazing!
  3. It goes on very softly 
  4. Isn't caky at all
  5. Stays all day
  6. Is very affordable


  There aren't any!

  I get so excited now when putting on makeup. I finally have products that work and that I really like and they're not super expensive. So the money I save, I can spend on something else. Like clothes. :D Speaking of clothes, go check out my other blog The Preppy Polka Dot. It's about fashion and has some up-cycling as well. 

You can't really see the bronzer very well. I don't usually put on very much, so camera couldn't really pick it up. 

Beauty Review Post #9 - L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening Mascara

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone? 

  Well, it finally happened. I found a product I didn't like. Yes, there is no salvation for this one. It's just plain awful. Now, before I start talking about the product, I just want to say that I'm not bashing L'Oreal in any way. I've tried loads of their products and this is the first one I didn't like. So, don't write L'Oreal off your list of good make up products. They have lots of others that work really well. 

  The product today is L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening Mascara. I was really excited about this product when I saw, thinking that it would be amazing. I was very disappointed. First, the base coat is very thick and sticky and I don't think it fully dried even after wearing it all day. Then, the top coat is very thin, so it doesn't cover the base coat very well, leaving white showing through the black. Lastly, it doesn't hold curl at all. 


  1. Doesn't crumble: just stays soft


  1. Base coat is too thick and sticky
  2. Top coat is thin and doesn't last
  3. Lashes won't curl
  4. Some of my lashes fell out
  5. Was hard to remove without scrubbing my eyes
  6. Didn't really define my lashes like I wanted

  All in all, I did not like this product and will not be trying it again. I'm not really sure what to do with it. I guess I could try to take it back. Oh well. How about you? Have you ever tried a product you did not like? 

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Beauty Review Post #8 - BareMinerals 5 In 1 BB Cream Eyeshadow

  Hello Ladies! How was everyone's week? 

  I belong to the BareMinerals rewards program and recently they were giving out samples of their new bb cream eye shadow. BareMineral's 5 In 1 BB Cream Eyeshadow is probably one of the best cream shadows I've ever used. 


  1. It goes on smoothly
  2. Doesn't dry out skin
  3. Can be used as a base
  4. Lasts all day
  5. Comes in several pretty shades
  6. Is very affordable


  1. Has to be smoothed in

  The pros outweigh the cons for this shadow and I will be buying it in a larger size when my sample runs out. 

  Have you tried any new shadows lately? Tell me in the comments about them. 

BB Cream Shadow in Candlelit Peach

By itself

With powder eye shadow over it

Beauty Review Post #7 - Revlon's Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

  Hello Ladies! Another week of camp down. I loved being able to sleep in today. But, on to the review. 

  Today, I'm reviewing Revlon's Extra Curl Eyelash Curler. I've been using a really cheap curler for a long time now, but with getting pink eye, out it had to go. So, I started looking for another one. The one I had never really worked that great, so I wanted to try something a little better. Revlon products have always served me well in the past, so I decided to try one of theirs. 

  I wasn't disappointed! It works really well and is extremely affordable. 


  1. Easy grip
  2. Doesn't pull lashes
  3. Curls and keeps curl
  4. It's only about $5 dollars at most stores


  So far, there haven't been any! 

  So, if you're looking for a nice, inexpensive lash curler, this is definitely one you should try. Let me know if you. I like to hear what other people have to say. 

  *I was not compensated for this post.*

Beauty Review Post #6 - Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner

  Hello Ladies! 

  Sorry about not posting for a week. Summer is such a busy time for me. 

  Today, I'm reviewing Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner. I tried their pot of waterproof eyeliner gel, but it wasn't waterproof. This, my friends, is the best waterproof formula I've found in drugstore eyeliner. 


  1. It lasts all day. 
  2. It lasts through swimming or showering. 
  3. It doesn't crease onto your lid. 
  4. It comes off very easily. 
  5. It's nice and black, not gray. 
  6. You can make you line thick or thin, depending on the angle of the pen. 
  7. It's only $5!


  There aren't any!

  I found the substitute for Stila's waterproof eyeliner, which is $20. It does last for about six months, but $20 is really steep for me. This one works just as well. You can find it at just about any store that sells drugstore makeup. 

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I tried taking the pictures at different angles so you could see the liner all the way across. 

Beauty Review Post #5 - Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Concealer

  Hello Ladies! This past week just flew by. Summer has finally kicked in for me, and I am super busy. The weather here is also super hot. Which is why I'm doing this beauty post!

  The product I'm reviewing today is Maybelline's SuperStay 24HR Concealer. This is literally the best concealer I've ever used. No joke. I've tried the really expensive ones and none of them have the staying power that this one does. I live in a very humid area, so any make up on my face has to practically be glued down. I use primer and finishing powders like no one else. I don't like to try drugstore products, because they usually don't work very well. So, when I found this product, I was a little bit skeptical at first. But after trying it, it not only stayed, but was the right color and didn't settle into the creases around my eyes. 


  1. Stays all day
  2. Isn't cakey or heavy
  3. It comes in five colors, so you can find the right shade for you
  4. Doesn't settle
  5. Doesn't dry out the eye skin
  6. Won't irritate the eyes
  7. At $7, it's super affordable


  There aren't any!

  I have finally found my concealer! Thank you Maybelline! Check out the product at the link above. I guarantee that you will love it! 



Beauty Review Post #4 - L'Oreal's Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone's week so far?

  Today, I'm doing a review on L'Oreal's Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara in their waterproof formula. 

  To start with, this is probably the best drugstore waterproof mascara I've ever used. Mascara is one of the hardest things for me to buy. None of the water-soluble ones will stay on my eyes and most of the waterproof ones have horrible textures or the color is off. Here are the pros and cons of this one. 


  1. It goes on very smoothly. 
  2. It doesn't crumble of flake. 
  3. It has a very nice black color. 
  4. It really does stay on your lashes for 24 hours. 
  5. It's completely waterproof, sweat proof, smudge proof, and crumble proof.
  6. It separates the lashes nicely. 
  7. It adds volume. 


  1. It takes a while to come off with eye makeup remover. 
  2. It doesn't really curl the lashes, just separates and lengthens. 

  The pros for me outweigh the cons, so this mascara will stay in my bag for days when I need something that lasts. I didn't try this with a lash curler, so I'm not sure if it would hold curl. 

Beauty Review Post #3 - Covergirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow in Champagne

  Hello Ladies! 

  I'm back! After too long, I am finally posting something. I'm really sorry about the delay. Having pinkeye is about the worst thing that can happen to a girl. I mean you're going along, everything's great, and then out of the blue, your eyes start looking pink ( or in my case, red ) and gross things start happening. I WON'T go into details. 

  The worst part of the whole ordeal is that I had to throw away all my make up. 

  All of it. 

  Leaving me with nothing……

  Well, for some people, I guess this could be a blessing in disguise. I mean, you get to go out and buy a whole bunch of new make-up. But for me, it was horrible. Some of the things I had to throw away had only been used a few times. :( 

  Ok, enough about that. Lets talk about eyeshadow. I decided that I didn't need to buy super expensive eyeshadow, so I went down to Wally World and purchased a few things to try. One of them was Covergirl's Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow. So, here are the pros and cons. 


  1. It's the same color on your eyelids that you see in the container. 
  2. It's very lightweight. 
  3. Not to heavy or sparse. 
  4. Doesn't dry out your lids or crumble into you eyes. 
  5. Has a very nice subtle shimmer. 
  6. It's a great price. 


  1. It doesn't last without primer. 
  2. You have to blend it slightly so it won't look like you have a line going across your brow bone. 

  Well, for me, the pros outweigh the cons, so I'm going to try a few more colors by this brand. I hope this was helpful to you. Also, I know in the picture it looks like its really sheer, it isn't. The lighting in my room was really bright. The color is very opaque. 

My Humblest Apologies

  Hey everyone! I feel so bad about this. I was definitely going to post some reviews this week, but I unfortunately came down with pink eye and a cold at the same time. I'm getting better, so pictures and reviews will be coming soon!

  I promise.

  Really, for sure this time.

  Sorry about the delay.


  Hi Ladies! I just wanted to say very quickly how sorry I am that I haven't posted in over a week. I have been crazy busy. I busted wanted to drop a note saying hang in there, there will be an update by Monday or Tuesday. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Beauty Review Post #2 - Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone? 

  Back in Januray, I was so excited to join Sephora's Beaty Club. They have such great benefits and you get a free birthday gift! So, I got mine about a week ago, since my birthday is in May. It included a mini mascara and lipstick from Make Up For Ever. Well, I love mascara and couldn't wait to try it. And it actually wasn't half bad. I'll give you the low down. 

  1. Great brush! Really separates the lashes nicely. 
  2. The color was very black, a huge plus with me. 
  3. It made my lashes look longer than they already are, which was slightly scary. Just kidding. 
  4. It went on very smoothly. I like to do two coats. 

  1. It didn't last. After a few hours, it started coming off. 
  2. It didn't curl my lashes and they wouldn't stay curled with a curler. 

  So there your have it. I included some pictures, so you could see what it looks like on. And in the mascara's defense, I usually can't use non-waterproof mascara. It just doesn't stay on my lashes. Sigh. 

  I hope this was helpful to some of you out there. And don't not try this mascara. Who knows, it might work great for you. :D

  (Sorry for the really creepy close ups of my face. I'm not wearing any make-up, so my skin looks kind of weird.)

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