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Contouring 101: Soft Contouring

  Hello Ladies!

  How is everyone?

  Recently my Pinterest page has exploded with tutorials on how to contour. I never realized there were so many different way you can configure your face. I read a few of the tutorials and decided to try some contouring of my own.

  So here goes!

  1. For this type of contouring, start with a makeup base.

 photo 26846a28-1743-45fd-8e81-272ffd8aa020_zps7874f7ac.jpg

  2. Next, apply highlighter to the bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks (the part of your cheeks that round when you smile), and right above the arch of your eyebrow.

 photo 8d704699-1a45-45dc-9827-40da217c151b_zpsf172cefe.jpg

  3. Blend all of this in either with a sponge or your fingers.

 photo ffbaa144-6243-413c-a4e9-8b3dfcefaffd_zpsc10c6be4.jpg

  4. Suck you cheeks in like a fish and apply bronzer below the cheek bone ( basically where your cheeks form divots from sucking them in ),

 photo f3595d72-1f1a-4c7f-a97a-45e326b0f54a_zpsc2f60d89.jpg

  5. along the hair line,

 photo 39183d8d-58c0-4f90-ade0-ba6049b6798f_zpsdbcbd669.jpg

  6. along the jaw line,

 photo 213fd0ec-a4c8-4f93-a059-506664f57076_zpsb46e4b4e.jpg

  7. and along the sides of your nose.

 photo 05cc2f42-136b-4203-beb8-cea813fe7eac_zpsa00e9c11.jpg

  At this point you are finished with the contouring part and ready to complete your look.

 photo 21d599bb-628a-4141-9412-69a19d24f0d8_zps41e8c956.jpg

  Add a touch of mascara and lipstick and you are ready to go!

  Keep in mind, this type of contouring will give you a soft look. Later on I will show you how to create a bolder, contoured look.

  Makeup I used in this tutorial:

  Maybelline NY Dream Lumi Concealer // NYC Bronzer //  Eco Tools Kabuki Brush


  1. Love the finished look, great contour but still very natural looking. Great job :)

  2. Really nice contour i will definately try it since it looks so natural! New follower from BrightSide Blog Hop! Nice blog! :)


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