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Evian Facial Spray Review + Giveaway

Hello Lovelies!

  When I first heard about Evian Facial Spray, I was a little bit skeptical. I mean, it sounded like a huge gimmick. Water in a spray bottle. Not that exciting or earth shattering. 

  Well, when Brand Backer offered to let me try the spray, I thought, 'why not?' 

  It is the best stuff EVER!

  Not only is cooling and refreshing, but it can used in so many different ways. I haven't tried all of these, but I can't wait to. 

  1. Intensifies color - Want your eyeshadow to pop? Spray your brush before applying power. It will give you intense color and smooth out the shadow. 

  2. Contouring - Spray a Beauty Blender or whatever tool you want, then use it to blend makeup and get rid of harsh lines. 

  3. Sets makeup - After applying your makeup ( but before mascara and eyeliner, unless it's waterproof ), lightly mist your face in a circular motion to set makeup and give your face a younger, more dewy look. Can be used with liquid or power. 

  4. Revives - As you go along your day, your makeup can tend to start creasing and becoming cake. Use the spray to freshen your makeup and blend trouble spots. 

  The spray can also just be used for cooling a refreshing the face after a hot workout or just because. 

  And right now, The Wilkes Group is holding a giveaway for two 5oz. bottles of Evian. Just follow this link to the giveaway site. Giveaway ends in 19 days, so hurry and enter! 

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