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Beauty Review Post #5 - Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Concealer

  Hello Ladies! This past week just flew by. Summer has finally kicked in for me, and I am super busy. The weather here is also super hot. Which is why I'm doing this beauty post!

  The product I'm reviewing today is Maybelline's SuperStay 24HR Concealer. This is literally the best concealer I've ever used. No joke. I've tried the really expensive ones and none of them have the staying power that this one does. I live in a very humid area, so any make up on my face has to practically be glued down. I use primer and finishing powders like no one else. I don't like to try drugstore products, because they usually don't work very well. So, when I found this product, I was a little bit skeptical at first. But after trying it, it not only stayed, but was the right color and didn't settle into the creases around my eyes. 


  1. Stays all day
  2. Isn't cakey or heavy
  3. It comes in five colors, so you can find the right shade for you
  4. Doesn't settle
  5. Doesn't dry out the eye skin
  6. Won't irritate the eyes
  7. At $7, it's super affordable


  There aren't any!

  I have finally found my concealer! Thank you Maybelline! Check out the product at the link above. I guarantee that you will love it! 



Beauty Review Post #4 - L'Oreal's Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone's week so far?

  Today, I'm doing a review on L'Oreal's Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara in their waterproof formula. 

  To start with, this is probably the best drugstore waterproof mascara I've ever used. Mascara is one of the hardest things for me to buy. None of the water-soluble ones will stay on my eyes and most of the waterproof ones have horrible textures or the color is off. Here are the pros and cons of this one. 


  1. It goes on very smoothly. 
  2. It doesn't crumble of flake. 
  3. It has a very nice black color. 
  4. It really does stay on your lashes for 24 hours. 
  5. It's completely waterproof, sweat proof, smudge proof, and crumble proof.
  6. It separates the lashes nicely. 
  7. It adds volume. 


  1. It takes a while to come off with eye makeup remover. 
  2. It doesn't really curl the lashes, just separates and lengthens. 

  The pros for me outweigh the cons, so this mascara will stay in my bag for days when I need something that lasts. I didn't try this with a lash curler, so I'm not sure if it would hold curl. 

Beauty Review Post #3 - Covergirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow in Champagne

  Hello Ladies! 

  I'm back! After too long, I am finally posting something. I'm really sorry about the delay. Having pinkeye is about the worst thing that can happen to a girl. I mean you're going along, everything's great, and then out of the blue, your eyes start looking pink ( or in my case, red ) and gross things start happening. I WON'T go into details. 

  The worst part of the whole ordeal is that I had to throw away all my make up. 

  All of it. 

  Leaving me with nothing……

  Well, for some people, I guess this could be a blessing in disguise. I mean, you get to go out and buy a whole bunch of new make-up. But for me, it was horrible. Some of the things I had to throw away had only been used a few times. :( 

  Ok, enough about that. Lets talk about eyeshadow. I decided that I didn't need to buy super expensive eyeshadow, so I went down to Wally World and purchased a few things to try. One of them was Covergirl's Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow. So, here are the pros and cons. 


  1. It's the same color on your eyelids that you see in the container. 
  2. It's very lightweight. 
  3. Not to heavy or sparse. 
  4. Doesn't dry out your lids or crumble into you eyes. 
  5. Has a very nice subtle shimmer. 
  6. It's a great price. 


  1. It doesn't last without primer. 
  2. You have to blend it slightly so it won't look like you have a line going across your brow bone. 

  Well, for me, the pros outweigh the cons, so I'm going to try a few more colors by this brand. I hope this was helpful to you. Also, I know in the picture it looks like its really sheer, it isn't. The lighting in my room was really bright. The color is very opaque. 

My Humblest Apologies

  Hey everyone! I feel so bad about this. I was definitely going to post some reviews this week, but I unfortunately came down with pink eye and a cold at the same time. I'm getting better, so pictures and reviews will be coming soon!

  I promise.

  Really, for sure this time.

  Sorry about the delay.
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