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Beauty Review Post #2 - Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

  Hello Ladies! How is everyone? 

  Back in Januray, I was so excited to join Sephora's Beaty Club. They have such great benefits and you get a free birthday gift! So, I got mine about a week ago, since my birthday is in May. It included a mini mascara and lipstick from Make Up For Ever. Well, I love mascara and couldn't wait to try it. And it actually wasn't half bad. I'll give you the low down. 

  1. Great brush! Really separates the lashes nicely. 
  2. The color was very black, a huge plus with me. 
  3. It made my lashes look longer than they already are, which was slightly scary. Just kidding. 
  4. It went on very smoothly. I like to do two coats. 

  1. It didn't last. After a few hours, it started coming off. 
  2. It didn't curl my lashes and they wouldn't stay curled with a curler. 

  So there your have it. I included some pictures, so you could see what it looks like on. And in the mascara's defense, I usually can't use non-waterproof mascara. It just doesn't stay on my lashes. Sigh. 

  I hope this was helpful to some of you out there. And don't not try this mascara. Who knows, it might work great for you. :D

  (Sorry for the really creepy close ups of my face. I'm not wearing any make-up, so my skin looks kind of weird.)

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  1. Ashleigh, what would you say your favorite mascara is? Right now I'm using Almay Intense Volumizing I-Color (or something like that), and I both like and dislike it . . . it's a little clumpy, but it also stays on all day without fail. But I'm pretty new to makeup, so I could use anybody's opinion :)


  2. My all-time favorite mascara is Colossal by Maybelline! (the neon yellow tube) I want to try their new "pumped up colossal" (hot pink). I'm with Hannah - what's your favorite mascara?

    1. Well, I really liked Mary Kay's Ultimate Lash Love until they changed the formula. Now it doesn't stay like it used to. I'm thinking of trying Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes waterproof mascara. I like the color and the brush looks good, so I'm going to give it a go. Thanks for stopping by!


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