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Contouring 101: Soft Contouring

  Hello Ladies!

  How is everyone?

  Recently my Pinterest page has exploded with tutorials on how to contour. I never realized there were so many different way you can configure your face. I read a few of the tutorials and decided to try some contouring of my own.

  So here goes!

Beauty Review Post #14 - Maybelline ExpertWear Eye Shadow Dou

  Hello Ladies! 

  Time's sure fun when you're having flies. Or something like that. Anyway. 

  Next week is VACATION TIME! Wooooohoooo! I can't wait. It's going to be four blissful days of doing nothing but enjoying the beach. But don't fret! I will be posting from my beach getaway. This is my second time going with my family. Last year, we didn't really know what to expect, so we were a little unprepared. This year, however, we will be completely equipped and ready to enjoy a lovely time at the beach. 

  Enough about that. 

  Today's review is on Maybelline's ExpertWear Eye Shadow Dou in Sunkissed Olive. I usually use a very neutral shade on my eyes to avoid the raccoon look, so I haven't tried the olive green part of the dou. However, for a drugstore eye shadow, this one isn't half bad. 


  1. It is nicely pigmented
  2. It lasts
  3. It's not itchy to the eyes
  4. It's very affordably priced


  1. It crumbles when you are applying it
  2. It can leave sparkles under your eyes that make your eyes look shiny

  I don't really expect a lot out of cheaper eye shadows. They aren't as finely ground, so they don't go on as smoothly. But, thats alright with me. What is your favorite eye shadow? Do you buy drugstore or do you splurge?

Beauty Review Post #13 - Almay Smart Shade Concealer

  Hello Ladies! Sorry about not posting in a while. I've been trying different makeups, and some of them were just terrible. So much so, they will not even get the chance to be on the blog. 

  The product I'm reviewing today is one such item ( though it did make it to the blog ). Almay Smart Shade Concealer is probably the worst concealer I've ever tried and I've tried quite a few out there. I wish I had taken a picture of the concealer itself. It came out of the tube separated; what I mean by that is, their was concealer and then there was this brown oil with it to help the concealer to match your face shade. The only problem, it didn't mix together when I put it on my face. So I ended up with brown die on my face along with really gross looking concealer. And it not only didn't cover up my breakouts, it made them more visible. 


  1. Greasy formula
  2. Weirdly made
  3. Very expensive for a drugstore brand
  4. Didn't cover anything
  5. Dried my skin out

  Well, I'm sure you already guessed, I'm not going to buying this again. I was really hoping for it to work. I love Almay products because they're formulated for sensitive skin. I am the queen of sensitivity when it comes to skin, so I was hoping this work out. Oh well. 

Before concealer

After concealer ( the brown die made the breakout much more visible )

Makeup Wish List + Surprise

Summer Set

Hello Ladies!

  How has everyone been? I've been wanting to write a blogpost wish list for sometime now, but I didn't know how to put together product collages. Well, I finally figured it out and could not be more excited. You may be seeing a lot of these in the future. Just sayin.

  Now on to the list.

  1. Finishing Powder

  Finishing powder is a must for me in the summer. My makeup just melts off if I don't set it. I'm thinking of trying Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Finisher.

  2. Red Lip Liner

  I've been needing to buy one of these for a really long time now. Lipstick just won't stay without without something to corral it in. It also helps with making the lips looked defined.

  3. Brow Styling Kit
  I actually just bought a kit by Salon Perfect. I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I'm going to post a review and brow tutorial on the blog in a few weeks.

  4. Tinted Lip Balm

  I'm a huge fan of not wearing a lot of makeup in the summer. If I'm not doing a photo shoot, I generally wear very neutral colors on my face. Tinted lip balm is so practical, for it gives you some color and moistures your lips at the same time.

  5. Cream Eye Shadow

  In the summer, wearing eyeshadow can be a big pain. I mean, as some as you walk outside, the humidity creates the shadow on your lid and all your work on that smoky eye is down the drain. Cream shadows really work mush better in the summer, staying put much longer than power ones.

  What are you wishing for to expand your makeup line?

  Now for the surprise!

  Because all of you are such wonderful readers, I have decided to host a giveaway very soon to thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me. Be looking out for one coming very soon! Not to give away any details, but included in the prizes will be a way to buy some of your favorite products from one place. Keep checking back!

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Beautiful You Is On Facebook!

  Hello Ladies!

  Guess what? 

  Beautiful You has a Facebook page! Yay!

  After thinking it through, I decided to take the next step and make a page. So, head on over and like it up! Thanks for being the best followers in the world. 

  Linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites here.
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