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Why You Should Exfoliate In The Winter + Exfoliate Review

  Hello Ladies!

  Wow, time is flying by! I feel like January just started. 

  So, the title; why should you exfoliate in winter? Well for a few reasons. 

  1. Build up. When our skin goes for long amounts of time beneath fabric ( like in the winter ), we build up a lot of dead skin cells. These are the flaky skin that sits on the surface and causes us to itch. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin layer. 

  2. Less absorbent. As the dead layer builds up, we try to fix is with lots of moisturizer. I know because I've done it. However, is you get rid of the dead layer, your skin's new layer is now ready for moisturizing and will hold said moisture much better. 

  3. Dull appearance. That dead layer is not only going to keep your lotion from properly working, it's also going to make you look dull and lifeless. There will be no healthy glow. Proper exfoliation will remove excess skin, revealing the new skin layer and consequently, a glowing complexion. 

  So, what should you do? Exfoliate! With what? Well, why not try out Exfolimate? Exfolimate is a special tool that has a slightly abrasive edge on one side that you slide at a 90 degree angle along your body and face to remove the dead skin cells. 

  One this has been accomplished your skin feels very smooth and fresh. 

  I've only tried out the Body exfoliator so far, but with very good results. My skin felt very soft and it even helped to free some trapped hair from under the skin. 

  As you can see, the design is very simple. You hold it in the middle of your hand with the exfoliator edge facing your body and slowly pull up and then back down. Make sure skin is soaking wet before doing this. Otherwise you might irritate your skin. I would say the best place to use this is in the shower. 

  After showering, moisturize and feel how soft your skin is. 


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